Aftercare Matters in Therapy

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My aftercare program is designed to ensure that you remain fully immersed throughout the entire journey.

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I am proud to share my stats from the Better Help platform, where I have been able to help so many individuals. I have maintained consistently good results for my clients and am grateful for the opportunity to impact people’s lives positively. Striving for excellence in helping others and supporting your mental well-being

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Therapy Aftercare Matters

Therapy Aftercare Matters

 Therapy sessions need to be tailored to each individual. Some people come to counselling and say they’re feeling better after four or six sessions, but others need more than that. Some people prefer a different kind of service. Here is what I am offering you today. My therapy isn’t limited by any specific timescales. You decide how long you’d like the treatment to last. If you want you can come to me for immediate short term-intervention or if you want something longer-lasting I’ll be happy to help

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Goals of therapy Aftercare

As any other therapist would do. They’d recommend a counselling hour, which is 50 minutes per week. I also offer a free consultation for around 10 to 15 minutes. Some therapy organisations only offer 30–45 minutes per session now without a consultation. So, look at what is offered when signing up for Therapy Services. It is important You get a Therapist you like and can work with. Even though I recommend weekly sessions, this doesn’t have to continue. It’s best to start weekly connections early on so they can develop into strong relationships.

Goals of  therapy Aftercare
Continued Therapy

Continued Therapy

If you ever feel that you don’t need that level of help any more, I will be happy to provide you with fortnightly one-on-one sessions. Aftercare is when you get back into the real world again. The last session that you will have will be one month after we decide that we’re ready and we agree that we are ready to finish. This is to make sure that everything is still OK and have a final review of how you feel about the therapy. When you see me for that appointment, you can opt to come back a month later, two weeks later, or 6 months later this is up to you. Or you may decide that you don’t need to see me again. However, if you want to book an appointment with me again, you can always contact me at any time. (one-off session will need to be paid for before the session can begin but no new contract will be needed)

Benefits of Aftercare

Please note that sometimes clients only want fortnightly sessions from the beginning. It is harder to get into a routine when there is a two-week break between sessions. Consider having your first two sessions one week apart and then going fortnightly. You can change your appointment times by texting me to rearrange. If you’re not able to attend or want to change an appointment, it’s okay to do so by texting. Sometimes I might give you something to do over the next few days, for example, how many times did you use sarcasm today? So, I may ask you to text me back the result.

If you are looking for a service where you can contact your therapist during the week. I can provide this however extra costs will incur depending on the length of the message and the required reply. (wordcount calculated as 2mins for every 60 words written by the client or therapist) If you wish to communicate via message during the week it is advised to do so via Email NOT TEXT To 

Benefits of Aftercare
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