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Adult and Young Peoples Counselling service

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Adult andYoung Peoples Counselling Service

Adult and

Young Peoples Counselling Service

Adult and Young Peoples Counselling Service – Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to help your young person with his/her problems?

have you tried Young Peoples Counselling Service
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There are many reasons why young people struggle with emotional issues. Some of these struggles may stem from family dysfunction, abuse, neglect, bullying, trauma, poverty, mental health issues, etc. In addition, as young people mature into adulthood, they often face additional challenges such as career transitions,
relationship difficulties, financial stress, and even physical illness.

Counselling is a great way to support young people who are struggling emotionally.

It helps parents, teachers, and others involved in the lives of youth to identify and
address underlying causes of emotional distress. Counselling also provides
opportunities for families to learn how to effectively communicate with each other and build healthy relationships.

.My Counselling sessions typically last 50mins per session and run remotely. Sessions are usually held once every week. Although younger clients may have a shorter session if they require

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How can counselling help me?

Young people’s counselling, run by serenity counselling, is a type of therapy that I run remotely and focuses on supporting young people to overcome emotional problems, such as anxiety, depression, trauma and self-harm.
It may involve working with parents, teachers, family members or friends to
support a young person.
Serenity aims to improve the mental health of young people by addressing any
underlying issues that may contribute to their difficulties.
Counselling can help young people deal with difficult emotions and experiences and give them tools to cope with life challenges. It can help them understand
themselves and others better and feel able to express their feelings and thoughts.

It can also help them manage stress and anxiety and resolve conflicts. Counselling can help teenagers and young adults to recognise and accept their own strengths and abilities, and to take control of their lives.

It can help them to make decisions and solve problems, and to communicate
effectively with adults and peers. Counselling can also help families and carers
identify and address any problems affecting the whole family.

How can counselling help me?
Young Peoples Issues

Adult and

Young Peoples Issues

  • feel depressed or hopeless; like you don’t want to be here anymore.
  • have problems with your parents, friends, or at school or college
  • hurt yourself or think about hurting yourself
  • feel anxious and scared
  • Have trouble eating food
  • have trouble talking or falling asleep
  • hear voices or see images that worry you
  • feel frustrated or are having trouble controlling their behaviour or temper.
  • find it difficult to concentrate or get on well with people
  • have to check or re-do things, or worry about germ contamination
  • think you are different or on the neurodiversity spectrum
  • don’t like myself or have low self-esteem

How can I get counselling or therapy for my child?

Counselling for Adults and young people from Serenity Counselling Cleveleys

Counselling and therapy help young adults who suffer from mental health issues.
These include depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, substance abuse,
and many others. Serenity Counselling Cleveleys work closely and remotely with
parents, teachers, doctors, social workers, and other professionals to identify
problems early and treat them effectively.

How can I get counselling or therapy for my child?
Young Peoples Counselling Service

Adult and

Young Peoples Counselling Service

There are several organisations that offer free counselling for children and young
people. These include Childline, Kids Helpline, and Headspace. All three of these
organisations offer online chat support where you can speak to someone via Skype or phone. Alternatively, you could visit your local library or community centre and ask if they run a drop-in service for children and young people who would benefit from talking to someone.

If you’re experiencing a mental health crisis and need help right now, you can call
your nearest mental health helpline at any time of day or evening. Alternatively,
you can always get in touch with Jayne here at serenity counselling Cleveleys for
one on one help.

Adult and

Young Peoples Counselling from Jayne

Counselling for young people from Jayne @ Serenity Counselling Cleveleys

In conclusion, young people have many different needs when it comes to counselling.

They may be dealing with issues such as bullying, family conflict, abuse, divorce,
death, illness, loss, grief, anxiety, depression, self-harm, substance use, suicide,
sexual orientation, gender identity, religious beliefs, and much more.
As well they may be experiencing difficulties in their relationships with their parents,
siblings, peers, teachers, and others.

Young people also face challenges related to their physical, emotional, social,
spiritual, cognitive, language, and academic development. These needs vary from
young person to young person, but most will benefit from receiving support from a  trained counsellor who enjoys and helps young people find their way in life.

Jayne from Serenity counselling Cleveleys offers different sessions on online platforms or by appointment via phone, WhatsApp, Zoom etc… or other online
therapy mediums and this has made mental health services accessible and more
available to our young people. Remote therapy sessions involve video chats between patients and therapists.

What is youth counselling?

Adult and Young Peoples Counselling from Jayne

Here are five reasons why Young people’s counselling is essential.

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